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11 to 13 May 2018
London’s most tentacular music event

The Workshop   Info

Saturday 16 December 2017, 7.30pm
Winter Konsert 2017
Christ Church Spitalfields   Info

Friday 13 October 2017, 9.30am–9.30pm
Field Studies 2017
Day 2 → Looking at Listening, now and in future + Leah Bassel + Workshops

School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds   Info

Friday 13 October 2017, 10am–10pm
Field Studies
Day 3 → Open Programme Papers + Performances

Leeds College of Music   Info

Wednesday 12 December 2018, 7.30pm
Musarc Winter Konsert 2018
See, We Assemble
London Contemporary Music Festival

Saturday 19 May 2018, 2–5pm
Rainbows at The New RA
The New RA

Saturday 21 April 2018, 6.30pm
Royal Academy presents:
Experiencing architecture—inviting dialogue
Musarc at Walmer Yard
Walmer Yard